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Thursday 24 January 2019

Round table for the end of 'Foster Care 2008' Campaign - Plovdiv

Complex for social services for children and families - Plovdiv Municipality organizes round table for the questions of foster care on the occasion of the end of the ' Foster Care 2008' campaign. Invited to attend at the meeting are representatives of the only team for foster care from Samaritans Association. The specialists are going to make presentation of the model of work, which to the moment, is only promoted and implemented at Stara Zagora municipality. It is expected, that in the future, this working model will be utilized by other municipalities.

Round table will be held on November 19, Wednesday, 2008 at 10:30 am, at Training Room No. 2 of the Center for public support, Plovdiv. Invited at the meeting are professionalisms in the field of child welfare, foster parents and children. The purpose is to share the experience of people working in this field, to exchange good mechanisms and practices. Therefore team for foster care from Samaritans Association is selected to share experience regarding foster care.